Thursday, March 29, 2012

MetaScrum - Maintaining Product Priority Order in the Company

The MetaScrum is the meeting where all decisions product are made and/or heard by representative decision makers from all areas of the company.  Typically this is a weekly meeting run by the Master Product Owner and supported by the CEO.  The agenda includes a charter of meeting rules, objective, current sprint status update and upcoming sprint plan. Depending on the company culture, more items may be included that impact the product release cycles.  One of the most important rules to enforce is that all priority order changes must be made in the meeting and supported until the next meeting. These meetings can be critical to helping the product management and development teams focus on getting things.

I will be posting links to sample formats and documentation.


  1. This topic is of great interest to me. Our individual Product Owners and their Products are cranking along, however, we are falling down in Cross Product Coordination, or as I like to refer to it, Product Portfolio Management. I am intrigued by the concept of the Master Product Owner, and by the rule of No Priority Changes allowed outside of the meeting. Would be keenly interested in further dialog on this, and on sample formats and documentation.

  2. Please share more details on the biggest issue or indication that you guys are 'falling down' in cross product coordination. Product Portfolio management is not necessarily a bad thing. I would be happy to share any sample formats that would bring the most value you to.

  3. Actually, I think Product Portfolio Management is a great and much needed thing. What I am saying is that we are NOT doing it. We have 10 products, each with its own P.O., and the coordination across products (feature/functionality, time lines, priorities, dependencies, etc.) is lacking. What I want to put in place is a solid approach to managing and coordinating the individual road maps as one coordinated Portfolio. Can you help?

  4. HI Henry, Sorry for the long delay. Sounds like there is a lot going on and when it comes to different teams it is tough to come up with quick solutions. Communication is always a key factor and sharing changes to the plan on time is important to keep the piece. I would suggest conducting an A3 analysis and a thorough retrospective with all team members to first understand the root cause of the issues across all teams. If you can prove what the problems are, you are in a better position to get others on board to implement change. I can send you an A3 template and a sample of the MetaScrum to your linked in email address. Give me a couple days.
    Good luck!