Monday, March 26, 2012

Implementing new user experience design

When it comes to agile requirements, user experience and creative design implementation often becomes a challenge especially for large organizations.  I have many different approaches to recommend but I will share one way that was wild successful for me.

Assume the user experience flow will require refinement after the screens have been developed and after real end users have used the system in their physical environment.  The key is to partner closely with your customers at any given time in your planning, development and release lifecycles.  

Below is a phased approached. Make sure you have thoughtfully identified minimum task completion, don't try to solve the experience for everything in your roadmap. If you listen to your market, they will adopt new feature flows and experience changes if you always do the right thing.

Phase1 (Mockup, Design, style guide and slices)
- Basic look and feel design and core user conventions. Conduct story mapping and identify only what tasks are necessary.
- Usability testing and feedback sessions with clients, user groups and CMIO panel
- Upload designs to central repository for review by all SMEs and front end architect. Time box feedback and move on.
- Work with product analysts or BAs to finalize user stories
- Requirements ready for development

Phase 2 ( In Development)
- Implement Design using artifacts provided by Creative
- Creative available for questions

Phase 3 (Beta Feedback and Refinements)
- Review implementation by development, make recommendations and refinements
- Beta Test Case feedback from client and product owner

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